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The operation and the maintenance are two different tasks.

During the aquarium maintenance we provide services which make sure that the aquarium works well. During the operation we ensure the proper working, cleaning and checking the health of the fish. We maintain aquariums made by us and extant aquariums as well, which was installed by other companies.


The servicing includes regular or one time maintenance of freshwater and marine aquariums.
Our staff is available every day. Our team provides a solid, clean job with professional water treatment products, aggregates and nutrient solutions.
In case of breakdown you can contact our non-stop customer service. Our staff is ready to solve a problem as soon as possible. The key of the troubleshooting is our big selection of equipments, no matter that the problem is a broken glass, a torn pipe or a sticked filter. We pay attention to saving the fish, besides the quick problem solving and the financial rescue.

Our contracted, regular customers receive special discounts and extra guarantee.


If you are interested in our service, don’t hesitate to contact us!