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Aquarium services


The aquarium engineering is based on the special needs and requirements of our clients.
Each and every aquarium is planned individually and every client of us gets a personal offer. Our services include the aquarium design and implementation and we make the installation as well. This process includes the transport of the aquarium, the set-up, the decoration, the installation of the organisms and the consulting as well.

As soon as we receive an order we start the job with the harvesting of the fish from our worldwide partners.

During harvesting the fish are kept by the divers, then they are delivered to the collection station, where the fish will be sorted based on the orders. This is the place where the cargo is prepared for the transport. After signing the documents and the veterinary exam the fish are ready for the air transport. The cargo reaches Budapest through an European metropolis. After the duty and checking of the documents, we deliver the fish to our premise in the town of Érd.

Our team at Aquarium Kutsera works with our self-developed quarantine treatment.
Before starting the quarantine, we make the fish to get used to the local environment, food and water. Every company has its own quarantine treatment. Our way is special due to our experiences.


Installation of freshwater and marine aquariums.

Please note, that the installation of a marine aquarium can take for weeks or months, however it’s worth to be patient and wait for it, because the result will be really spectacular. The freshwater aquarium can be set up in a much shorter time, because it doesn’t need to have complicated equipment, and the operation is simpler too. Our work is not done with the installation. You can find every accessories and necessary element at Aquarium Kutsera which are related to the aquarium – such as plants, freshwater and sea fish too. When you visit our store you can select from a various great quality supply of fish food.

Our portfolio include huge aquariums, exhibitions and smaller, simpler aquariums. It’s important for us to deliver precise work in time, no matter how difficult the task is.


In case you have any questions, don’t hasitate to contact us.
We are happy to help you.