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About us



Aquarium Kutsera is one of the most successful aquarium companies in Hungary.

A beautiful aquarium is not just a spacious design element, but it has soothing effect, too. Like humans, fish also have soul and special behaviour, which reqiures extraordinary care and environment. The Aquarium Kutsera wants to give the wonderful world of aquariums to everyone. Day by day we make marine and freshwater aquariums for individuals, institutions and catering units. We deal with smaller, medium and huge aquariums, and we are ready to satisfy the special needs of our clients. Our company is in the market for 8 years. By now Aquarium Kutsera is one of the most reputed aquarium companies in Hungary.

We are on the cutting edge of aquarium engineering, design, equipment and installation.

Our main profile is wholesaling of sea fish, corals and other aquatic animals. Besides importing these specific animals our company deals with design, construction and maintenance of marine and freshwater aquariums. In addition we are distributors of filtering and lighting systems.

We sell special water treatment products and fishfood as well.

Since our business has started we work with AquaMedic and Tunze products and we are wholesalers of various products of internationally recognised companies. Following the worldwide trends and use the hottest techniques is important for us, that is the reason why we work with high-class eqiupment and our services are based on the products of premium brands.

The marine and freshwater fish imports come directly from the harvesting and propagation firms.

We can satisfy special requests in a short time, because we keep in touch with the exporting companies all over the world.
The premise of Aquarium Kutsera is in Érd, Hungary. This venue is our quarantine premise where qualified professionals take care of the fish and make sure that every animal stays healthy.

For further information please contact us! We are happy to help you and answer your questions.