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Aquarium Kutsera brings a wonderful world to everyone.


Delivering high-class aquariums are important for us.

Are you interested in a freshwater or a marine aquarium? Do you have special requests?

The Aquarium Kutsera makes your dream come true. You can order standard aquariums and customized ones, based on your special requirements and needs.  The installation process starts with the suppliment of the technical equipments and manufacturing the special glass and furniture. Then we transport the items to the venue, we start the construction and the installation. We make the soil preparation and the decoration as well. The installation of a freshwater and a marine aquarium is different due to the various equipments and accessories.

Installing a marine aquarium is a longer process, because first of all we have to create the artifical marine environment for the fish. A marine aquarium is ready to accomodate the fish after a countinous work of months.

Our specialists work all over in Hungary and abroad. Thanks to our professional experience, we can build standard and customized aquariums as well. We work with the top techniques, this way we can satisfy the extreme customer needs too.


In case you are interested in our service, please contact us!