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Aquarium made by experts


Before we start to design an aquarium, it’s important to have a very precise plan. It’s necessary to study the venue and have an engineering and static plot.
To do our best and to deliver a really stunning result, it happens often that we cooperate with the decorator or the interior designer from the beginning.

We build the aquarium considering practice and usability. Besides the clients’ needs we pay attention to the comfort of the fish. The thickness of the glass depends on the size of the aquarium. To build a safe and long lasting aquarium we use standard or thicker glass than it’s regulated.

For freshwater aquariums we use standardized products, the customized items are used for the marine ones. For the perfect shape, vision and usability we deliver the aquarium which is exactly as the customer has imagined. It’s essential, that the engineering, the design and every single element match each other, no matter that our task is to build a huge aquarium or a smaller one.

You can count on us from the beginning of the planning. Our experience guarantees that you receive a long lasting and safe aquarium. We know that a long-term cooperation works well if the client is satisfied from the beginning.


In case you have any questions about aquarium-design or you are interested in an offer,
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